KPN eDivisie Finals

At the KPN eDivisie Finals the 8 best KPN eDivisie teams play for the championship. Next to the KPN eDivisie trophy, an astonishing € 50,000 and three Global Series Playoff seats are up for grabs.

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Noah Zeeuw vs. Akkamist

You can attend the exciting match between Noah Zeeuw and Akkamist. You can meet both Noah Zeeuw and Akkamist on the court and they will take all the time needed for a picture.

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GG22 will have an area dedicated to racing and you’ll be able to try out different racing related activities. Karting, sim racing, time trial competitions, rally sport, you name it. The racing lover will be well served.

KNAF Digital will present the KNAF-Certified Goodyear Trophy 2022 and you will be able to compete in Grand Turismo Sport en DiRT Rally 2.0. More games to be confirmed.

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Panna Knock Out

The KING Panna Tournament will feature demos from a professional panna player to provide the event with sky-high entertainment. The participants will not only get a spectacular show but also the chance to compete against our panna player.

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Active Esports Arena is a new type of gaming that allows you to use the input of your entire body at an extremely high pace.

Players are represented in VR & AR having their entire body within the game, as the ultimate Metaverse experience.

The competition is about 2 VS 2 and goes beyond all that is out there, and you’ll need to run, jump, crawl and do all kinds of moves to get the highest rank. Besides being fun to play, it is designed to be a spectator show, where you can encourage your favourite player, who faces the diverse series of challenges during 8-minute matches!

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Crossbar Challenge

Matthy will  be present for a unique crossbar challenge with the GG22 visitors. He will also take all the time for a photo and an autograph during the cool meet & greet on the court. After that, the court will be free for all visitors to play soccer.

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GG22 will have an area dedicated to racing and you’ll be able to try out different racing related activities. Karting, sim racing, time trial competitions, rally sport, you name it. The racing lover will be well served.

KNAF Digital will present the KNAF-Certified Goodyear Trophy 2022 and you will be able to compete in Grand Turismo Sport en DiRT Rally 2.0. More games to be confirmed.

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Players compete as a team in an arena by throwing energy balls (“Hadoken”) at their opponents. You score by hitting an opponent 4 times on his or her ‘life cells’

Players defend themselves by ducking and placing futuristic shields to protect themselves and teammates

Each round starts with determining the strategy. Players determine their skill set by assigning a number of points to different skills: ball speed, ball size, charge speed and the number of shields.

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Penalty Moneys

On Saturday you will have the unique opportunity to shoot a penalty shot at Noah Zeeuw during a special edition of Penalty Moneys.

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Smoke Eaters

The Smoke Eaters is a local ice hockey club from Limburg. The club was founded and named The Smoke Eaters as a reference to the Canadian amateur team Trail Smoke Eaters, which won the World Cup twice on behalf of Canada.

Come join The Smoke Eaters in the Ice Hockey area at GG22!

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Pump Track

As a part of the Extreme Sports area at GG22, you’ll be able to try out a pump track. A pump track is a looped sequence of rollers and berms—swoopy, banked turns—for bike riders. It’s designed to maximize your momentum, so you can ride it with minimal pedaling.

Everyone can go on a pump track – from kids with push bikes, to people in wheelchairs, to professional BMX riders. It’s an activity that allows you to ride at exactly the pace YOU want.

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International FIFA Tournament

The 10 non-qualified Dutch Eredivisie clubs, 4 Belgian clubs and German clubs will compete in GG22’s International EA Sports FIFA Tournament. Watch around 50 of Europe’s best FIFA players show off their skills in a range of matches.

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NHL GWC European Championship

The National Hockey League (NHL®) will host its premier European esports event – The NHL GWC European Championship – at the GG22 DreamHack Sports Festival this year.  Now in its fifth season, the NHL® Gaming World Championship™ features the best EA SPORTS™ NHL® 22 players in the world, competing to win the Championship trophy, prize money and ultimate bragging rights in the world of Chel.

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TrackMan golf simulators offer something for everyone, whether you’ve played golf your entire life or have never picked up a club before.

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Get new gear

Shop the latest electronic gear. Buy a new game. Fit your favorite sports clubs’ merchandise and try a new pair of video game sneakers. Taste that delicious energy drink. In every Active Zone you can find relevant brands to shop till you drop.

Influencers & Gamers

Dani Hagenbeuk Program GG22

Dani Hagenbeuk

Probably the most famous KPN eDivisie player ever, is Dani Hagebeuk. Active in the KPN eDivisie since day one, he has worn the shirt of Ajax since day one. He has been KPN eDivisie champion several times and is known for his excellent FIFA performances throughout the season. He has qualified for multiple international tournaments and is part of team Ajax along with Levy Frederique and Finn Donderwinkel.
Nasser El Jackson Program GG22

Nasser El Jackson

His name to his brother, street football legend Mo El Jackson. His moves were as inimitable as Michael Jackson's. Nasser is his brother's successor.

Nasser does not focus on one discipline. He is a true all-round street soccer player and has mastered both freestyle, ground moves and panna skills.

Since 2019, Nasser even has his own theater show with which he combines his street soccer skills with art in a unique way. In short, Nasser is a true multi-talent.

In addition, Nasser is founder of Team el Jackson with which he scouts and guides street soccer players with potential worldwide in their development. Above all to connect them in what inspires them all, street soccer. Team el Jackson already has more than 30 members with street soccer players from the Netherlands, Belgium and even Spain in his team.
Nasser is a great example for many young people. His personality and enthusiasm is contagious and makes everyone, young and old, catch on!


Matthy started his YouTube channel Fifalosophy in 2012, where he is mainly known for his videos in which he plays FIFA. Meanwhile, this channel is called Matthy and he has over 850,000 subscribers, making him the biggest FIFA-YouTuber in the Netherlands. In addition, since 2015 he is one of the five members of the Bankzitters, whose YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers is one of the biggest group of channels in the Netherlands.
In addition, Matthy has also released several songs on Spotify, largely together with the Bankzitters, even including one number 1 hit.


Robbie van de Graaf is now an indispensable name in the Dutch YouTube world. With almost 500,000 subscribers, he is certainly no small player on the platform. On his channel he entertains hundreds of thousands of viewers with his humorous videos, and his Formula 1 series is very popular at the moment. While at the beginning of his YouTube career he was mainly focused on FIFA videos, he has now emerged as a much more versatile entertainer. Outside of YouTube, Robbie can also be found on the platforms Instagram and Tiktok.
Dani Visser Program GG22

Dani Visser

In recent years, Dani has developed himself as a player, but also definitely as an influencer. He belongs to the list of players with the highest number of followers, partly due to his structurally strong FIFA performances. As a young boy he became KPN eDivisie champion for De Graafschap, and now he forms a duo with the Belgian Stefano Pinna.

Noah Zeeuw

Noah Zeeuw is a YouTuber, it once started with the channels Ponkers and Filmfabriek.
Now known as the goalkeeper of Creators FC and his own channel where he makes the program Penalty Moneys.
In addition, you can see him regularly in the videos of Pathé where he has the best conversations with actors and filmmakers.

Frank van der Slot

Frank van der Slot played in the KPN eDivision on behalf of Sparta Rotterdam in 2017 and 2018. This made him the first esporter in the history of Sparta Rotterdam. In the 2018/19 season Frank started as a commentator and has since then been one of the regular faces of the KPN eDivisie. Besides presenting, Slotta is a content creator with over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.
Akkamist GG22 Program


Joris started making videos when he was only 10 years old, he started posting them on social media when he was 15. With his special football tricks, funny videos and enthusiasm he is getting loads of views. Joris is giving tips and tricks about soccer to his followers. He calls himself a (street)footballer!
Joris is a big sports fanatics, his videos are all about (street)football. He is doing challenges with other players and influencers. His Instagram page is mostly dedicated to short Reels with new tricks.
Joris his most-watched Instagram Reel has reached almost 50 million views and 3 million likes!

Bas van Velzen

Bas van Velzen from Zwolle gained worldwide fame by shooting free kicks from all possible angles into the crossroads, together with increasingly more famous footballers. He is also a fanatical FIFA gamer and manages to reach thousands of Dutch people every week with his content. Bas has been a commentator in the KPN eDivisie from the very beginning and is one of the three regular faces of the KPN eDivisie.
Easy Man GG22 Program

Easy Man

He owes his name to the fact that he has given many great players a panna. As a result, he became increasingly well known on the streets and squares. His panna's were filmed and his videos were watched millions of times. At that moment he realized that he had a special talent that he had to make the most of. Since then he has been able to show his skills all over the world in countries such as Mexico, India, Japan and USA, Bahrain, Germany and Dubai.

Easy Man has won several panna tournaments and is known within the scene as 'King of Panna'. With his unique looks and skills he turns every occasion into a real show.

Easy Man always gets his fans on board and is an inspiration for many young people worldwide. In recent years, Easy Man has built a large fan base. Every week he posts Youtube videos on his channel EasyManTV with tutorials to inspire and entertain his fans.

Familie Lakap

Family Lakap is a family which consists of Seran & Esra and their children Devran, Ilay & Miaz. Three times a week they upload a video on their YouTube channel 'Family Lakap', with no less than 607,000 subscribers and with monthly more than 5,000,000 views. With these videos they want their followers to start the day with a smile and they do so with a lot of humor. They also have the YouTube channel Lakap Junior and are also active on Instagram & TikTok.
Aristote Ndunu Program GG22

Aristote Ndunu

Aristote has also developed as an influencer in recent years. This has brought him, in addition to a large community, commercial deals. 'Ari' has been playing in the KPN eDivisie for years and is one of the best known players in the league. This year at Sparta Rotterdam he forms a duo with Thomas de Zeeuw.
Joran Bawz GG22 Program

Joran Bawz

Joran Bawz is a Dutch YouTuber focused on making game videos.
On his channel Game Bawz he mainly plays mobile games and on the channel Fifa Bawz mainly the game FIFA of course.
Both channels have already managed to generate more than 350 million views together.
Ali Riza Aygun Program GG22

Ali Riza Aygün

Ali Riza is one of the players who has played the longest in the KPN eDivision. His coach Romal Abdi played in the early years of the competition, but after that Ali Riza has been the regular PSV face in the KPN eDivision. He qualified for several international tournaments and his latest achievement is the KPN eDivision championship last season. Together with his teammate Dennis Verhoeven, he forms an almost unbeatable duo.
Paskie Rokus GG22 Program

Paskie Rokus

Paskie Rokus, also called El Jocho, is a 29-year old FIFA veteran. Paskie has been active as a professional FIFA gamer in the period from 2012 to 2019. His first success is being the Dutch Champion FIFA 12 on the XBOX 360. In addition, Paskie is also the official first esporter of SBV Vitesse and participated on behalf of Vitesse in the eDivisie.

After his professional FIFA career, he started to focused more on presenting and creating videos for YouTube. He has now reached 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has made a relaunch in the eDivisie. He works as commentator and analyst at the biggest FIFA competition in the Netherlands.

Levi de Weerd Program GG22

Levi de Weerd

Levi and Manuel are considered two of the most promising FIFA talents in the Netherlands. At 17 years old and 16 years old, they have already achieved a lot, including becoming the first club in the KPN eDivision to qualify for the KPN eDivision Finals. They will defend the colors of Vitesse at the GG22 festival.


Gijs writes and hosts the videos on the Redux Gaming YouTube channel, making him more or less the face of Redux Gaming. His love for anything gaming related translates into his content, with often an experimental or just plain silly twist. Gijs will be present in and around our booth, both Saturday and Sunday.
Bryan Hessing Program GG22

Bryan Hessing

When you ask the question "who is the most talked about KPN eDivision player in recent years?" many people will mention Bryan's name. He is outspoken, emotional and honest and has built up a large group of followers as a result. He has also been in the KPN eDivision from day one and once won the Xbox season of the KPN eDivision. Together with Tim Spaan, he is representing Heracles Almelo this year.